Indonesia digital landscape: 9 key facts

1. Indonesia population ranks 4th in the world while the number of internet users ranks 5th

internet users in china india us brazil indonesia japan 2019

For Indonesia population rank in the world, check census here.

2. Indonesia internet penetration is expected to be more than 50% in the next few years

Internet Users indonesia 2019 2022

3. Mobile internet users in Indonesia rank 5th in the world too, which is not surprising

Mobile internet users 2019 in china india us brazil indonesia

Indonesia ranks 5th in the world for both digital video viewers and social network users.

digital video viewers in millions china india us brazil indonesia 2019
social network users in millions 2019 in china india us brazil and indonesia

5. Similar to the developing economies, many Indonesian internet users use mobile phone to digital video viewing and social network

mobile phone video viewers 2019 in china india us brazil
mobile social network users in china india us brazil and indonesia in 2019

6. Given that Facebook and Instagram are blocked in China, Indonesia is the 4th largest market for both in the world

facebook users in india us brazil indonesia in 2019 in millions
Instagram users in the US, India, Brazil and Indonesia 2019 (in millions)

7. Compared to Facebook, the number of Twitter users in Indonesia is tiny

twitter users in 2019 in us japan brazil india mexico indonesia

8. E-Commerce is growing proportionately in Indonesia, which ranks 5th in the world in terms of the number of digital buyers

digital buyers in china us india japan indonesia and brazil 2019

Digital buyer growth rate is expected to maintain at double digit in the next few years

Digital Buyers in Indonesia and growth rate 2019 2022

Indonesian digital buyers are familiar with using mobile to do their transactions

Mobile Buyers in Indonesia and penetration 2019 2022

9. Mobile proximity payment represents a huge area for growth in Indonesia given such a small current user base

proximity mobile payment users in China india us japan indonesia russia brazil 2019

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