Key facts about Australia digital landscape

1. With 18 million mobile internet users (76% population penetration), Australia mobile internet penetration is on par with other G7 countries

Mobile internet penetration 2019 (% population) australia g7 countries south korea china
Mobile Phone Internet Users and penetration australia 2018 - 2022

2. At 90%, we do not expect much growth in smartphone penetration, over the next few years

Smartphone Users and penetration australia 2018 2022

Smartphone ownership is highest amongst all devices in Australia according to the Mobile consumer survey 2018 by Deloitte. Though nearly 40% of Australian smartphone users think that they are using their phones too much.

device ownership by australian dec 2018

Android is leading iOS in Australia when it comes to OS for new smart phone sales June 2012 – June 2018

smartphone sales share in australia by os jun 2012 2018

The typical bump around December for iOS share is because Apple often launches new phone at the end of Q3/beginning of Q4 every year.

3. Similar to most G7 countries, Australia is lagging behind when it comes to proximity mobile payment against China, India, South Korea

Proximity mobile payment penetration (% smartphone user) 2019 australia g7 countries south korea india

4. Digital buyer penetration in Australia is similar to other G7 countries and China

digital buyer penetration 2019 china uk us canada france japan germany australia italy

5. At nearly 38% OTT video viewer penetration, Australia is amongst the top countries in the world in terms of OTT video adoption rate

ott video viewer penetration 2019 australia g7 countries china
netflix penetration as percentage of ott video viewer 2019 australia g7 countries

6. Social media usage is decreasing slightly in Australia

The graph below is from Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2018. We can see the decline across age groups, with the biggest drop for millennials between 29-34 years old.

This is perhaps not surprising, given the fact that there is a big decline from 55% to 40% of respondents “who feel time spent interacting with friends on social media is just as valuable as time spent together in-person.” (extract from the same report)

7. Internet of things (IoT) device ownership in Australia is still relatively low (less than 10% amongst internet users)

From the above graph, we can see that smart speaker ownership jumped by more than 3X from 2017 to 2018. A larger percentage has tried to use smart speakers but yet to buy them.

8. Connected fitness band and smart watch ownership growth is flat year on year

Data is from Deloitte Mobile consumer survey 2018.

9. While eSports is getting bigger in Australia, it can’t be compared to the top 5 markets globally

Percentage of online population watches gaming video content in 2018 china taiwan us south korea japan australia

10. More than 80% of internet users in Australia are concerned with the ways companies are storing, using, sharing their personal data

privacy concern amongst australian users 2018

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