Key facts about Taiwan games industry

1. Taiwan ranks number 15th in the world for overall games revenue in 2018

According to Newzoo, Taiwan Games market size in 2018 is around US $1.2B. This is even more impressive since Taiwan population is ranked number 56th in the world.

Data from Newzoo Taiwan Games market 2018.

3. Mobile games is forecasted to be 60% of the total games revenue in Taiwan by 2021

Data is from “research and market“.

4. Average revenue per paying gamer in Taiwan is 3rd in the world and average revenue per gamer is 2nd.

average-revenue-per-user-and-per-mobile-gamer-in-taiwan japan korea us china -2018

This is partly because a lot of gamers in Taiwan pay for in game items and virtual goods (according to the same report from Newzoo)

5. More than 11 million Taiwan internet users watch gaming video content, at 54% of online internet population penetration, second only to China

6. Cost per mobile game install in Taiwan is amongst the highest in the world

mobile game app cost per install in japan china south korea us and taiwan oct 2018

7. The majority of the top 10 grossing games in Taiwan are from local publishers, Singapore or China

The same could be seen on iOS

8. In Taiwan, they even have gaming classrooms and gaming cafes

To get a sense of the place, I will encourage you to check out this article “6 reasons why Taiwan is a gamer’s paradise” from

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