Everything You Need for Your Next Chapter: Relocating Overseas to the Land of Opportunity

Moving to and settling in the US as an expat can be an exciting yet challenging transition. With over 90 articles written detailing our personal experiences over the past two years, hopefully, this resource can help ease your adjustment to relocating/living in the US. From the excitement of exploring US national parks to the nuances of everyday life, such as renting an apartment, getting a driver’s license, and understanding credit systems, I’ve documented it all.

Personal Stories

Each article is peppered with personal anecdotes – like the time I navigated the DMV for my driver’s license, or our family’s first thrilling road trip to Yellowstone. These stories aim to give you more than just facts; they offer a glimpse into the real-life experiences of an expat. For example, you can get a sense of what living in Foster City is like via this article and the video about my morning run.

Cultural Insights

Adjusting to a new culture can be challenging, and that’s why I’ve included a section dedicated to understanding American culture. From social etiquette to workplace norms, these insights will help you integrate seamlessly into your new environment.

Practical Checklists

To simplify complex processes, you’ll find handy checklists for tasks like relocation, setting up your first home, and dealing with administrative formalities. These checklists are designed to ensure you don’t miss any crucial steps.

Throughout each article, you’ll find links to relevant external resources, official government websites, and expat forums. These are invaluable for deep dives into specific topics.

Interactive Chatbot

Have a question? Don’t want to read through each article?

Our chatbot is here to help! Simply type in your query – be it about finding the best schools or understanding Health Savings Accounts (HSA) – and get instant assistance. (Please allow a few seconds for a response.)

Community and Feedback

Your experiences and insights are valuable! Feel free to share them in the comments section or join our Facebook group, “Asian Expats in the US.” Let’s learn from each other and build a supportive community.

Ongoing Updates

The world is always changing, and so are the rules and norms of living in a new country. I will try to keep this guide updated, ensuring you always have access to the latest information.

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