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Applying Ray Dalio’s recommendations to personal finance

As you may know, I have been following Ray Dalio’s writing/sharings for a while and have written a number of posts about his recommendations. About 2 years ago, I wrote the piece “How to apply Ray Dalio’s sharings to your personal finance?” Given how much has changed, I want to review what I wrote and…

My thoughts on “The Big Cycle of the United States and the Dollar, Part 1” by Ray Dalio


Yesterday, Ray Dalio published the latest chapter titled “Chapter 4: The Big Cycle of the United States and the Dollar, Part 1”. Overall, it is a good read, even though it doesn’t include as many new ideas or insights as I hope it should. This is partly because I have been following Ray’s public sharing for a while, including many of his recent interview with Bloomberg, TED, Goldman Sachs, etc. If you haven’t been reading or watching Ray’s writing/talks, then there is plenty of new information, insights in this article (or the whole series) for you.