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Singapore media landscape 2019


As a highly advanced economy, Singapore media landscape is in many ways not as advanced as it should be. E-commerce penetration is still very low. Traditional media still dominates.

Indonesia advertising landscape: key facts and trends

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1. Total Indonesia media ad spend in 2019 is expected to be around $3 billion Another key metric that will provide additional insight is total media ad spending per person. As you can see from the graph below, per person ad spending for Indonesia is very far behind many other countries, so the industry still…

8 key facts about Vietnam digital marketing landscape

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11 years ago (2008) I wrote an article on Vietnamese digital industry SWOT analysis. Up until today, there are still readers who have found my blog through that post so I decided to update some key facts about Vietnam Digital Marketing 1. After 10 years, Vietnam internet users increased 3 times to about 56 million…