SMX in Singapore: First ever

Halo guys,

It’s been a crazy week for me with a few new big projects coming so i don’t have that much time to blog.
I think the hottest thing right now is the new Google browser “Google Chrome”
You can just do a search for it and i am sure you can find lots of information, comments.

My take on it at the moment is that some Adwords functions can’t be easily used by using the new browser. It’s still in beta anyway so i am sure things will improve rapidly.

More importantly for the SEM industry in Singapore and the region is the coming Search Marketing Expo in Oct 13&14 2008.

Search Marketing Expo or SMX is a very familiar event in US, UK or other mature markets. However, this is the first time ever it is organized in Singapore.
It reflects the well deserved attention to this region 2 years after Google opened it HQ for SouthEast Asia here in Singapore.

Looking though the agenda, i think it would be much more advanced compared to the recent ad:tech in Singapore 2008. Personally i think it would be a very good occasion for SEM professionals, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers etc… to attend, not only for the knowledge sharing but for the networking session as well.
This year the keynote speaker is: Gillian Muessig, President of world renowned Search Marketing resource!

If you are serious about SEM, i strongly advise going to this event. Even if you are not from Singapore, fly here! I hope to see a couple of guys from my beloved country Vietnam just like at ad:tech!

Cheerio for now! Will keep you guys updated regarding this.


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