RFP process for Search Engine Marketing

I came across a series of high quality ( or i would say mind blowing) articles on MediaPost Publications last week. They are:

They all focus around the Agency Procurement process and what the clients & agencies can do to improve the situation.
I am a big fan of “it takes two hands to clap” so i firmly believe that everything that both agencies and clients need to work on this RFP process together.

Search Engine Marketing is no longer new in the region yet misconceptions about SEM are common.
I won’t repeat what were already discussed in full in those articles above but simply want to share my agreement with the authors and probably share these articles with those who haven’t got a chance to read them.

It does not matter whether you are working for an agency or a direct client, i believe you would find these articles note worthy in one way or another.

If you would like to discuss or share your view with me, feel free to send email to chandlerblog_at_gmail.com

Have a nice weekend everyone,

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