Refreshing and insightful books from Dentsu Executive Creative Director

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I chanced upon two great ebooks: Techniques of expression by Takuma Takasaki (Executive Creative Director Dentsu Inc) and Techniques of wording by Takuya Isojima (Creative Director / Copywriter Dentsu Inc). I am so impressed with both of them that I would recommend these two books to anyone who want to learn more about Dentsu, their people and Japanese creative culture as well. Below are some of many things that I learnt from both of the authors:

  • The general thought process, approach that creative leaders of Dentsu are using. While foreigners often have difficulty of working in Japan due to language and cultural difference, through their books I could see a lot of similarities with professionals from other countries/background.
  • The desire to be world class, to create ads that move/change/leave an impression on millions of people. I have been working in marketing industry for about 10 years now and I know what they mean by going through the motion and losing the passion to do great things.
  • methodological approach even with copy writing and creative as they believe in mastering the basics are part of becoming a professional.
  • They talk freely about the imperfection of human nature and willingness to take risks even at the highest level of the organisation. This is quite refreshing for me to hear directly from the top creative directors from Dentsu.
  • All of the examples used in the books, reference points are from Japan, which is great to see.

Have a great week ahead and I hope you would enjoy these two books as much as I do.



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