9 key facts about China digital landscape

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Today post is about China digital landscape. I will cover a range of topics from mobile internet users, e-commerce to smart speaker penetration. I hope you enjoy the content and feel free to leave comments below.

This is the 2020 updated post about China’s digital landscape.

1. China has about 855M internet users in 2019, more than India and the US combined

Internet Users in china brazil indonesia us russia japan india 2019

From now until 2022, China will add another 100M new internet users, second only to India world wide

Estimated number of new internet users from 2019 - 2022 (millions) in china india indonesia japan russi brazil us

2. More than 90% of internet users in China are Mobile phone internet users

Mobile Phone Internet Users in china india indonesia japan russia brazil us 2019

Smart phone users in China is as big as users in India, the US, Brazil and Indonesia Combined

Smartphone Users in china india indonesia japan russia brazil us 2019

3. China internet users spend close to 4 hours daily Online (second only to the US)

Average time spent per day Online (minutes) in 2018 in china india indonesia japan russia brazil us

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that users in China spend more time online than on TV

Share of Time Spent with Media in china 2018

4. China Retail E-commerce sales is more than the Rest of the world combined in 2018

Retail Ecommerce Sales china us japan uk south korea canada france germany world wide 2018

China Retail Mobile E-Commerce is about 2 times the rest of the world combined in 2018

Retail Mcommerce Sales china vs the world in 2018

Slightly more than half of the Chinese population are digital buyers

Digital Buyers in china 2018 - 2022

5. With more than 310M transportation sharing economy users, China has more than 4 times the number in the US (70M users) and at a higher penetration of 42% (China) vs 31% (the US)

Transportation Sharing Economy Users in china 2018 - 2022

6. China is the biggest games market in revenue and 60% gamer penetration amongst internet users

video games revenue in china the us and world wide 2018
Digital Gamers in china 2018 - 2022

7. China has more smart speaker users than the US, UK but at a smaller penetration

smart speaker users in china us uk germany france canada 2019

8. China has more proximity payment users (577 millions) than the rest of the world together

Proximity Mobile Payment Users in china 2018 2022

WeChat Pay and Alipay are so ubiquitous that in many cities, it is getting hard to pay in cash as merchants may not have changes for you

9. More than 60% of digital buyers in China are happy with using biometric payment methods and 40% enjoy shopping at unmanned stores

attitude of urban digital buyers in china toward select retail technologies may 2018

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