Kia K5 2023 review after 8,000 miles: is it worth the hype? Find out the pros and cons

As some of you may know, we bought our first car in the US last year. It is a Kia K5, EX trim level with the full upgrade. I wrote about our experience and learnings after buying the car here. Below is what we think about it after the first 8,000 miles in no particular order, from the perspective of a family of three.

  1. The Kia K5 provides a smooth and composed ride, with well-controlled handling and a comfortable suspension setup. Whether you’re navigating through city traffic or cruising on the highway, the car delivers a confident and enjoyable driving experience.
  2. The cabin is comfortable and spacious. Our daughter is ten years old, and she sits comfortably at the back.
  3. 10.25 -inch touchscreen is great. The design is fairly intuitive. However, the responsiveness can be improved. You have to wait about 2 – 3 seconds every time you press a button on the screen.
  4. It is quiet on the highway, much better than other mid-tier brands.
  5. Fully powered seats with two profiles, make switching between drivers easy with the press of a button.
  6. Apple CarPlay doesn’t work well with Bose surround sound system because when you use Apple CarPlay, the sound only comes out from the front speakers, not the back ones. Google Android Auto, on the other hand, works perfectly from this perspective.
    • The Bose surround sound system is great, though. The car has 12 speakers 🙂
  7. The heated driver, front seat, and steering wheel work well and fast.
  8. There are two USB charging ports for the back seats, which are very convenient.
  9. The armrest is not suitable for short people. If you are below 1.6m or 5.24 feet, you will have a hard time resting your arms during long drives.
  10. The auto-hold brake function is particularly useful so that you don’t have to press the brake pedal during traffic stops.
  11. Highway driving assist (HDA) works relatively well. However, one “bug” of the system is that it is constantly trying to reach the maximum speed that you set or at least 3 secs behind the front driver. This is not great when you are turning, as I usually want to slow down a bit during each turn. I have to disable HDA by pressing the brake lightly before the turn.
    • For example, when turning, if the car in front of you speeds up, your Kia will also speed up, which is not something I prefer.
    • HDA is especially useful when there is a traffic jam because the car can start, drive and then stop by itself. You don’t have to continuously use the pedals.
  12. Many of Kia’s safety features are much appreciated: blind spot alert, forward collision avoidance, and rear collision avoidance.
    • I use the auto brake function. And it worked a few times smoothly that it was activated.
  13. The fuel efficiency of an average of 35 miles per gallon (MPG) on highways is accurate. It even hit 35+ MPG during our road trip.
  14. Kia Access mobile app has all the essential functions we need. The remote lock function works well, except when there is no cell signal ( I guess all other devices that rely on cell signal won’t work in this circumstance :D.)
    • The remote start engine function is welcome, especially in cold/snowy weather.
  15. As long as you keep the front and rear sensors clean, they function very well. That means parking in tight spots is super easy.
  16. Some people say that the trunk space seems small for a car of its size, but we think it’s really spacious for us. It has enough space to do a 10-day road trip for four people.

Overall, we are happy with the car :). Its impressive performance and technology features make it a standout option in its class, and the advanced safety features give it an added layer of peace of mind.



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