Kia K5 2023 owner review after 14,000+ miles

This is the sequel to my previous article Kia K5 2023 review after 8,000 miles. Now that our Kia K5 crossed the 15,000 miles mark, here is the topline summary from us:

  • Reliability: we haven’t had any reliability issues after 14,000 miles. We followed the typical maintenance schedule and used Kia dealership maintenance services.
  • Exterior & interior maintenance: I do the car wash by myself and have found it relatively easy with the Kia K5. Nothing out of the ordinary to report.
  • Tire tread depth after 14,000 miles is at the normal level.
  • The front and rear brake remaining depth is within normal range so all is good there.
  • We received a few notifications about recalls. I brought the car to the dealership and everything is fine after checking so nothing to worry about.
  • Fuel efficiency: Our K5 continues to perform well in this regard, especially for long road trip. We quickly hit 34+ MPG, especially with the use of highway driving assist (HDA).
  • Comfort on long trips: We have done a few road trips using the car and it is comfortable to drive or sit in. Check out the review of our recent Pacific north west trip here, or the trip we did last year to Yosemite national park.

That’s it from us. Short and sweet. Continue to be happy owners.

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