“When done right, technology enhances the story, it doesn’t replace it”

I was asked to share some of my thoughts on social media with Viet Youth Entrepreneur or VYE (vye.vn) camper. Viet Youth Organizer organizes training courses for would-be young entrepreneurs in Vietnam. Their 2013 program is here.

Upon talking further with the organiser team, I realised that what they looked for was not only social media, but how to do marketing with limited budget. They thought that online would be the solution, especially for start-up. To make your ideas stick, to create viral uplift about your new product/service requires some understanding of viral marketing. Once you have your message “right”, different social media channels could be the way to reach your target audience effectively.

From the words of Jonah Berger “When done right, technology enhances the story, it doesn’t replace it”

After my talk, a couple of guys wanted to know how they could get the presentation file so I reshare “Social media sharing for Viet Youth Entrepreneur“.

Since I only had an hour to share my thoughts, I tried to include some general principles that you need to be aware when you start your social media campaigns, some key metrics that you may want to track to show ROI in the presentation.

Please note that again, none of the materials in this file are mine. I simply follow other great thought leaders.




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