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China OTT subscription landscape: 8 key facts and trend

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1. Across Asia, over the next few years, subscription video on demand (SVOD) is reaching more than 470M households in 2022 Data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, in the report “the asia video industry report” from Asia Video Industry Association. 2. Growth from OTT subscribers in China is amongst the highest in the world 3.…

China influencer marketing – 8 key facts you need to know

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1. Influencer marketing is expected to receive the most attention from marketers/media agency professionals in 2019 A similar trend was seen in 2017 and 2018 2. Influencer economy was estimated to be $17.16B in 2018 or about 18% of the total media ad spend According to CBNData, influencer economy in China was estimated to be…

China mobile games : 8 key facts and trends

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1. Without a doubt, China is the biggest mobile games market in the world and is expected to continue until 2022 The annual growth rate in China over the next few years (14.2%) is still very high in comparison to the other top 4 markets. Mobile games revenue in China is now more than 60%…