Month: April 2019

India advertising landscape: a relatively small market

Estimated media ad spending ($B) in 2019 india indonesia china russia brazil mexico

1. India total media ad spending is estimated at $10B in 2019 2. Media ad spend growth rate is about 14% in 2019, 2 times the average worldwide growth rate 3. India average ad spend per person is amongst the lowest in the world Given India inconsistent GDP growth, we can only be cautiously optimistic…

Japan e-commerce is lagging behind other G7 countries and China

2019 japan e-commerce landscape featured image

1. Japan total retail sales is number 3 in the world 2. Given Japan population decline and slow economic growth, it is not surprising that its estimated retail growth rate in 2020 is lowest amongst G7 countries and China Japan, China and other G7 countries estimated economic growth rates in 2019 according to World bank,…